5 responses to “Link to Image Assignment

  1. Impressive, as always! You have obviously learned a lot in class, and have put the techniques to good use. I hope you’ve found some value and pride in your accomplishments.

  2. Love your work, Beth! I especially enjoy the restored image and the hand-colored one. You can tell that you have a sharp eye for detail. Very nice and skillfully done.

  3. Beth, your image assignment is really great. I especially like how you added a border around the photo for the restored image. The colored photograph looks very natural, too. I might want to borrow your techniques and edit mine again. I also like the design of the webpage. The font size and color and margins are all perfect and its very easy to read. There’s one thing I was wondering. I see most website has their “Home” on the left in navigation bar. Maybe, switching the order in your navigation bar? Oh, and I like the title and the image of the medal you used in the heading, too.

  4. Beth,

    Wow, everything looks great! Your restored photo really stands out, and I like the theme and content of your page. What did you use for your background image? It looks really good, too.

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