Link to Final Project…a Draft of Final Project

I am linking here to my final project. As you will see from the lack of footnotes, the note-to-self reminders throughout the site, and the absence of any coding validation stamp, this is still a work in progress.
But, after this week, I am left with some general thoughts on website building:
1.) Design is hard. I think this might actually be the most difficult part of building a website. It is a lot of pressure to pick a theme and color palette that will carry not a page, but an entire site.
2.) Building a website takes time. There’s the code, and there’s the design, and there is making them work together and figuring out why they don’t. There is the making the links work within the page and there is linking externally. There is the obsessive pixel playing (what if I increase the margin by 1 pixel and decrease padding by 2?)
3.) Youtube is a developing coder’s best friend.
4.) Building a site can be maddeningly frustrating, but there are those rare times when it can be equally rewarding. It just so happens that my husband began to build a website at the same time that this class began. And when I would rant about how I couldn’t get the nav bar to sit where it should or about the margins suffocating my text, he would tell me how he got his to work with such ease: “I typed it into godaddy.” This used to provoke a string of curses, but now, with some knowledge of coding, I am happy that I don’t have to rely on someone else’s template. I can control every site feature, down to the pixel- for better or for worse.

Comment this week on April’s blog – her site is pretty great.

2 responses to “Link to Final Project…a Draft of Final Project

  1. I am incredibly impressed with what you have put out though! Your color scheme, design, and overall usability are very good. You should be very proud of the work you have done here.

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